About Christiane

Christiane Gannon is a teacher, writer, and scholar. Since 2005, she has taught at the high school and college levels, and is currently an Upper School English teacher at an independent school in Washington, DC. She has spent the majority of her educational career in private institutions, beginning with the private all-girls high school she attended in Manhattan. After majoring in English at Rutgers University, she earned a PhD in English at Johns Hopkins. She has published articles about British literature and education, imperialism and the novel, women authors and popular fiction, and feminism and girls’ education. A sample of her published writing can be found here: “American Girlhood and the Confidence Gap”

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About Tim

Tim Shaw is a 12th Grade English teacher at a Public Charter School in Washington, DC. He attended public schools in Omaha, Nebraska, and began his teaching career as a tutor through the “America Reads” program while studying English at The University of Iowa. Since then he has taught in New York City, Baltimore, Upstate New York, and DC. He earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, as well as a graduate certificate in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners from George Washington University.

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How They Met

Christiane and Tim met at Trinity College, Dublin in the summer of 2003. After college, they began their teaching careers together in New York City. They married in 2005, and since then have continued teaching, talking about teaching, and writing together as they moved around the country. They now live in Cheverly, MD and teach in Washington, DC. 

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